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HackZurich 2021 – Migros Challenge

Let's use gamification to steer everyones shopping decisions towards being more sustainable.

For this mission you can use our extensive set of code and data on:

  • Product Information 
  • Shopping cart data 
  • Sustainability data
    • Differentiation between land or air transport  
    • CO2 emissions 
    • Percentages on production, packaging and transport 
    • Animal welfare

Please visit our Starter-Kit Page to get access to the Migros Challenge data, receive useful tips about gamification, gain access to the SDK Key and last but not least find there the direct link to our Migros Slack channel.


We make life more sustainable

Living responsible and making sustainable choices is part of Migros corporate philosophy. The principle of sustainability is firmly anchored in our culture and is playing an integral part every day in all our actions that we take in the cooperatives and companies that belong to the Migros Group.  

Sustainable by tradition

Economic, social and ecological values have always played an important role in Migros history. They go all the way back to Gottlieb Duttweiler (1888-1962), our founder, who was a highly respected visionary and still is regarded as such until today. Duttweiler, or ‘Dutti’ as we like to call him, wanted his company not only to earn money, but also to serve the common good. This principle is firmly anchored and an unchangeable element in our company’s DNA.  

By pioneering ideas and constantly looking for innovative ways of doing things differently he influenced the economic history of Switzerland and made Migros what it is today: the world's most sustainable retailer, the biggest private company in Switzerland and one of Switzerland’s highest valued brands.  

You can learn more about the Migros Groups concept regarding sustainability in this report here.

We stand by our promise: 100% transparency with M‑Check

One of our initiatives to contribute and make the world a more sustainable place, is the M‑Check. The M‑Check is a sustainability scale that ranks all Migros brands and labels in a simplified way for customers and goes beyond non-certified products in the interest of complete transparency. It considers various dimensions of sustainability, such as animal welfare or climate, and rates them accordingly from 1 to 5 stars. Contradictions in the individual dimensions are also clearly shown. This makes the M‑Check 100% transparent and provides the customer with a tool that can be tailored to his or her individual preferences. For more information on the M‑check visit: M‑Check: nachhaltig einkaufen leicht gemacht (hint: for non-German speakers, auto-translate the page to English or access the content here translated in form of a pdf).

Behavioral Design in Sustainability: Why what we say and what we do isn’t always the same

See you there!

Connect with us at our booth at HackZurich or visit the Delica Coffee corner if you need a caffeine kick, take a break to recharge your batteries or have a chat with other participants!


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