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Our Offering: Mobile Computer Vision for Enterprise Applications

How to Get a Free Trial License?​

For the MIGROS challenge at HACK Zurich we are offering free access to the barcode scanning functionalities of our Native SDK (Android, iOS) and the Web SDK (any browser-based device).​

Just follow this link and sign-up for a 30 day test license​ (both Native and Web SDK):​

Please use “Hack Zurich MIGROS – #YOUR_TEAM_NAME”​ as company name.​

Boost the UX using MatrixScan​


MatrixScan can track multiple barcodes in real-time and add AR overlays to the camera preview. ​

That means when shopping via the MIGROS app – you can find the right product on the shelf faster or display additional information about specific products.​

Video Scandit Augmented Retail Product Information Using AR

Explore it!

Click the pictures to see how MatrixScan AR works in action.

Video Scandit Augmented Reality Retail Click and Collect

Learn how to try it out on your phone and integrate it in an app.​

Video Computer Vision for Smart Retailers

Native SDK: MatrixScan – Let’s Get Techie!​

  • MatrixScan is only available in the Native SDK (not the Web SDK).​
  • We offer MatrixScan in various development frameworks (see Barcode Tracking API overview):​ You find the link to the documentation of each Framework on our Developer page on the left sidebar.​ From a developer experience perspective Android & iOS Native offer the best experience as all APIs are available (as some frameworks have internal restrictions).​
  • For each framework we offer multiple source code samples which kickstart your project:​ Android Native SamplesiOS Native Samples​.
    You find the link to the samples in the “Run the Samples” section on the left sidebar for each framework (see image below).

Native SDK: MatrixScan – Let’s Speed it Up!​

Native SDK: MatrixScan – Final words!

To create a MatrixScan powered app you’ll need to use the so-called BarcodeTracking API:​
Doc for Android Native:​

You find this section for each framework on the left sidebar of the technical documentation:​



Is there a FAQ?​


Technical support

Further Technical Support?​

Our support engineering team is ready to provide you technical support during the Hackathon.​

Drop us an email to and make sure you mention “HackZurich” in the subject line.​