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Supplier Net

Migros Supplier Net: Learn here how you can register yourself as a Migros supplier and how the collaboration works.

About Supplier Net

The objective and purpose of the Migros Supplier Net is to make all relevant information and applications available to Migros suppliers.

Thus Migros Supplier Net contains specifications concerning:

  • Cooperation
  • Product quality
  • Packaging
  • Supply
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Migros Supplier Net also offers a supplier the option to undertake electronic optimisation of business processes, in particular through integrated applications such as

  • A Supplier and Contract Management System
  • A Supplier Relationship Management System
  • A Product Specifications System
  • Further systems

Registration to Supplier Net

One prerequisite for logging into the Migros Supplier Net is signing of the Migros Supplier Net Agreement.

Additionally, service providers for our suppliers can register free of charge to use the Migros Supplier Net. For security reasons, only personal e-mail addresses ( may be used. Any kind of impersonal e-mail addresses (,, etc.) are NOT accepted.


Setting a password

Registered users must set a personal password using "Mylogin".

Help concerning all matters to do with the topic "Logging into Supplier Net" can be found in the following document.

If you have any questions about the Migros Supplier Net please contact us: